Hematology Trainee Education or Quality Improvement Award 2019


"The  Hematology Trainee Education or Quality Improvement Award" was initially developed by in 2011 in order to support education-based research by Canadian hematology trainees. In fact – we were the inaugural award recipients and are now administering the award!

In 2013, the eligibility for the award was expanded to include research projects on Quality Improvement as well. We are pleased to announce that we will be offering 2 research awards once again this year.

Canadian trainees interested in hematology are eligible to submit an application for this award.  This year we will be accepting applications from Canadian medical students, internal medicine residents (PGY1-PGY5), hematology residents (PGY4-5) and hematology fellows (PGY6+).  A panel of hematology program directors reviews the applications, and the two trainees with the highest rated projects will each receive a $2000 award, which is intended to be used for the support of their individual research projects. Funding for this award is provided, in part, by the Canadian Hematology Society.

The recipients of the awards are expected to give a brief presentation of their work at the following summer’s Jerry Scott Educational Half Day, which is held during our annual Hematology Residents Retreat. The presentations given by the winners from the past few years have been very well received by the audience.

This year's applications are due by February 15, 2019

Please be sure to circulate this information to your incoming and current hematology trainees.

Thank you for supporting education and QI based research by our residents.

Best regards,

Sita Bhella & Michelle Zeller