Written Examination

The on-line practice hematology written exam is open to all PGY level trainees enrolled in any hematology training program in Canada (including recent graduates who have not yet written their qualifying exams).  Although participation is voluntary, we encourage all trainees to participate in this practice exam annually.  Serial assessments over the course of your training will allow you to gauge your progress against yourself and against similar level trainees across Canada.  Examination results will NOT be incorporated into your Accredited Hematology Training Program assessments.

Dates and Locations

The on-line written examination will be offered on two dates - Tues. July 7 & Wed. July 8, 2020.

Your preference for date will be noted on your registration form, but final date and location will depend upon availability of a local invigilator and computer access.  Confirmation will be forthcoming from the office of your own hematology training program director.

Instructions to examinees & invigilators

Examination Results

Your examination results will be available on the last day of the retreat. If you will not be able to be there to collect the results in person please delegate one of your colleagues to collect it for you. We can also send the results by email upon request.